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Bartending Pro Tips Part 1

In a bar, you will discover {a interesting and diverse |a diverse and interesting} community of individuals who will look for great bartending, not only for the relaxation and camaraderie, but also for a familiar and comfortable environment where they are acknowledged and accepted. For lots of people, in this competitive and aggressive world, a […]

The Various Sexual Health Disorders

{{When you have sex with somebody, things do not always go as you planned it.|Things do not always go as you planned it when you have sex with somebody.} There might be a little issue occasionally. It might be your partner, it might be you. It might be short-lived, or it might be {repeated and […]

Can a Marriage Survive Adultery?

{There are marital relationships and there are marital relationships. You can expect/demand the sun, moon and the stars or nearly absolutely nothing. It’s a question of character and perspective. {But there is no doubt that the most crucial thing in a marital relationship, as in any other relationship, is sincerity and genuine understanding.|There is no […]

Changing The World One Girl At A Time

Missionettes: The power of a discipleship and mentoring program; Changing the world, one lady at a time. {{If you’re a female or strategy to be one, you’ll know what I mean.|You’ll know what I mean if you’re a female or strategy to be one.} “Lose 10 pounds. over night”, “How to win the guy of […]

Ancient Roman Marriage

We understand that ancient Romans got married, however were ancient Roman marital relationships just like how we see marital relationship today? Read on to read more about this interesting subject. Ancient Roman marital relationship was not about love or shared goals at all. {In truth, it was more about monetary matters and political aspirations than […]

Breaking Your Relationship Pattern, Part 3

Do you want to put to rest the people and situations from your past so they do not interfere with your {present and future|future and present} relationships? I wager you said yes. Who does not have something in their past they want to put to rest? {Then let’s discuss what action steps you can require […]