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Why choose a Silicone Spatula?

A Silicone spatula is great for mixing, stirring, scraping, or for any use in the kitchen. The flexible silicone will not chip or crack. It can also withstand heat of up to 480 degrees F. Expect silicone spatulas to be stain resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Benefits of Silicone Spatula 

Silicone spatulas are amazing in that they combine the flexibility of traditional rubber spatulas and the heat-resistant features of metal kitchen utensils. A silicone spatulas is very useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients and also for scraping the sides of the mixing bowls. The silicone material’s flexibility allows the spatulas made with it to take the shape of the bowl or container when scraping. Silicone is an excellent material for these kitchen tasks because of its smooth edges and its durability.

One of the best features of a silicone spatula is its heat-resistant exterior. Silicone may appear to be like rubber spatulas but unlike these common household spatulas, silicone spatulas have a much higher melting point. Silicone spatulas are ideal for stirring mixtures that would melt or deform a traditional rubber or plastic spatula. Another good use is removing food fried in hot oil from stove top pans. For rubber or plastic kitchen utensils, exposure to heat may cause permanent damage.

Another benefit of using silicone spatulas is that it is safe to use around other cookware. Using metal spatulas may damage non-stick coatings of other kitchen cookware. A rubber or plastic spatula, on the other hand, may cause damage to metal pots or pans. Silicone spatulas will not scorch or melt at normal cooking temperatures. It is soft and flexible, making it possible for the silicone spatula to maintain its original form, and making it easier to reach difficult areas. In precision cooking, metal spatulas may warp or bend over time, making them less reliable.

Silicone spatulas will not rust or discolor. It also does not retain odor from the food that was cooked using it. Silicone is naturally non-stick, so it will not transfer any unpleasant taste to the food. Other materials like rubber or plastic could accidentally melt and contaminate food. It is important to remember not to pierce the silicone spatula be it in the cleaning process or in storage.

The handle of the spatula may be its weakest part. Handles may be made from many different products or materials. But usually, these materials are not as heat resistant as that of the silicone used for the head of the spatula. Handles are as important as the heads when it comes to spatulas. Handles may hurt when stirring for a long time.

Comfort is equally important when handling spatulas. The handles for most of the silicone spatulas and other kitchen utensils are made from a material called Lexan which is a special plastic designed for high temperatures. You can expect silicone spatulas to last for years without it having to lose its original shape and strength. 

Every spatula has its issues. Some melt in high heat, others come in designs that are more gimmicky than useful. Some are so stiff they can’t fold egg whites. Others are so flexible they bend when confronted with thick cookie dough. 


With spatulas, handles are nearly as important as heads. They can help or hurt when you’re stirring for an extended time or pushing against stiff dough. And after folding dozens and dozens of whipped egg whites into batter for angel food cake and stirring pot after pot of steaming-hot risotto, we concluded that we liked a long handle on our spatulas to keep our hands a safe distance from the food.

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Rubber spatulas became popular replacements for traditional wooden and metal spatulas, but silicone spatulas are also another option to consider if you want a sturdier and more versatile cooking and baking tool. Silicone could be the best spatula for a wide range of cooking requirements because of its heat resistance, non-stick qualities, and durability.

Spatulas are typically used for mixing wet and dry ingredients, and they are useful for scraping bowls, too. Silicone spatulas are flexible, so they can bend according to the shape of the bowl then return back to their original shape. While rubber spatulas can do the same, silicone might be the best option if you need to scrape a hot mixture off a saucepan. The best spatula should be durable and top quality spatula, just like what we have here at VISH 4 Every 1. Anyone can visit here for our Facebook fan page. 

Silicone spatulas can withstand extreme heat without melting or warping, so you can use them without worrying about damaging them or introducing harmful chemicals into your food. Accidental heat exposure will not damage the silicone spatula either. Silicone spatulas are non-stick, so they will not retain odors and food remnants, and they are easier to clean.

The spatula is ideal for reaching food in jars of all shapes and sizes. As Vish 4 Every 1’s is a one-piece spatula, the handle doesn’t melt even if you leave in your hot pans. 

Our Silicone Spatula stay flexible longer and will not discolor like other spatulas do. Use our Spatulas for cooking or with hot bake ware without fear of melting. Silicone is heat resistant and safe to use for coated or non-stick cookware. Our spatula is non-slip, soft griped textured finish and an ergonomic one-piece construction. So there’s no head to pop-off and no seems for bacteria to grow, which means healthier cooking and less clean up required. 

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